Welcome to Mexico City, Federal district!

Mexico D.F is the Capital of Mexico. It is the largest spanish speaking city in the world. The city belongs to one of the 31 states of the country. The city counts more than 8 millions people which make it one of the most populated city in the world.

Actually it is the second time I come to Mexico. This time I want to explore more the civilisation, the spirituality in this part of the world, to meet with Mexicans and of course to explore all the wonders that can offer the city: Architecture, Art, Music and so much more.

This time my introduction to the traditional Mexican culture has been amazing. I had the opportunity to attend the celebration of the designation of a woman captain that took place near the neighborhood where I am staying.

These people are volunteers, they are used to get together on a weekly basis, to keep alive the rituals and the Aztec traditions.

This event actually stired my curiosity to get to know more about this ancient civilisation. As always i don´t really believe in coincidence and by chance I got introduced to a gentleman called Arturo, in his 80´s, friend of Gerardo one of my relative here in Mexico. I just felt that here was the perfect place to learn more about Mexico…I only had to listen to them and to take notes.

Compadres Arturo (left) and Gerardo (right)

Arturo explained to me that there were originally 3 major civilisations in Mexico : the Chichimeca, The Tolteca and the Azteca. Then throughout the regions of the country other civilisations got developped such as the civilisation Olmeca, Zapoteca or Mixteca between many others. It is said that all these civilisations originally come from Alaska, and before most probably they came from Asia which would explain the diversity of the faces throughout out the American Continent.
Throughout the centuries, the communities went down until South America. In the area of Mexico city Federal district, there are a lot of ruins and vestiges of the Aztecas and the Toltecas. I asked him about the so well known Mayas, he explained to me that unfortunately there is very little remainings of this civilisation. That said, they did left the Maya calendar.

The history of Mexico is actually divided into 3 main periods: Prehispanic, Colonial and Independence, this last period corresponds to the Contemporary times.

After this short and fascinating lecture, I was even more motivated to explore the city and see it all by myself. Time to wear my tennis shoes and to feel the energy of the streets of the city.

Gerardo another Mexican gentleman and who happens to be one of my relatives, brought me to many places to show me Mexico city, starting with the perfect place that was explaining it all.

La Plaza de las Tres Culturas

This place is very significative of the history of Mexico. You can observe here the 3 periods : the Precolumbian ruins most probably from the Toltecs, the Colonial period with the Church of Santiago Tlatelolco built in 1521 and finally the contemporary times with the buildings in the background. Mexico is exactly this, a subtil mixed of ancient civilisation and modernity.

For the first time of my life I took a city sightseeing bus to have another perspective, here we go.

Turibus of Mexico City D.F.

Just like the first time, I am fascinated by the size of the city, it seems to be never ending…

Insurgentes Avenue the longuest avenue in the world, 26 kms that crosses the city from North to South. It can take half a day to cross the city in times of traffic jam.

The Angel of Independance located on a roundabout over paseo de la Reforma. It has became the key point for both celebrations or aso for protests like here the day I was passing by.

Soumaya Museum in Polanco area, residential part and the richest neighborhood of the city. This is a private museum owned by the Carlos Slim Foundation. Carlos Slim is known has the richest man in the world. This museum was built by the Mexican architect Fernando Romero. Amazing structure according to me. The Museum holds works collection from the 15th to 20th century. It worths going there, its free admission guys !

Coyoacán area where there is the Blue House which used to be the house of the famous painter Frida Kahlo. She is also one of my favourite artist!

Beautiful tribute to Frida for those who want to know more about her work and her life.

Chapultepec Park

This park is the largest city park in Latin America, measuring over 686 hectares. On week-end all the Mexican families meet here.

More to come on another post to talk about Music, Spirituality and yummy Food…


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