Jet Lag

Each time I take a plane, espacially for a long distance journey, I keep asking myself how the air hostesses and stewards manage a life of jetlag. This sabbatical gave me the opportunity to experienced this in a short period of time.

I checked into the dictionary the exact definition, jetlag is a general feeling of fatigue and desorientation often experienced by travellers by jet aircraft who cross several time zone in relatively few hours. It is actually interesting to observe the body and the mind taking its own natural time to adapt a new environment. I felt very precisely this temporary physical and emotional disorder. It may sound unpleasant for some people, as far as I am concerned I learnt to get used to feel sleepy when the whole city is in full activity or feeling starving in the middle of the night. The clock becomes my only companion and keeps me connected with my previous stop. My world is transforming itself into a series of clocks that help me to stay connected with my love ones now spread out throughout the planet.

my world

New technology such as aircraft, telecommunication, internet make the world flat and instantaneous. That said in a more personal aspect, as far as I am concerned, the most powerful and immediate travelling machine is the thought itself. It doesn’t take into account time or distance and never experience jetlag.

Actually the power of the thought is limitless, spaceless and timeless. It took me years to understand this simple fact. My travels and probably my long stay abroad helped me to integrate this concept : Reality is the visible and the invisible. One can call it Energy, Belief, Feeling, Spirituality, Inner World, Love, etc. each one its own interpretation. Now the jetlag sensation makes me laugh because the truth is that my limitless, spaceless and timeless power of thought makes me present everywhere at the same time.


2 thoughts on “Jet Lag

  1. Dear Colombe,

    I completely understand your feelings and sentiments! I traveled 100% for 10 years going from East Coast to West Coast – constantly gaining or losing time every week. Then, with the added international travel with GDC the past 8 years, then I have an even better understanding of your travel adventures. It’s a different experience to learn that you have either “gained” or “lost” time, isn’t it? Keep your posts coming!!!!

    Hugs & Love to you!!

    Lenay ☺

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