” A man travels the world in search of what he needs and returns home to find it” George Moore

Travelling has always provoked inside me a mixed feeling. No doubt the very first feeling is liberty, The Liberty I cherish every single day of my life. But the traveller I am, finds the strength, the confidence to leave each time, the apparent but necessary detachment to deal with more and more distance thanks to extraordinary beings. The angels of my life that patiently accept me the way I am, no matter the time and the distance, no matter my doubts or my delusions of grandeur. The unconditional Love, the Support, the Trust and the Presence wherever they are, wherever I am, are my home, my roots and my power to live and to travel the world in peace and with equanimity.

This post is for the Angels of my life.

Time to leave, time to say good-bye, I call you as soon as I can, we have to go now  cause today is simply the very first day of the rest of our lives…

with Love


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