Paris or refreshing the mind with modern art

There are so many ways to travel and refresh the mind according to me. One of them is Art, all type of art.

I attended the preview of Imagine the Imaginary – Imaginez l’imaginaire at Le Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

What I enjoy the most with modern art is the apparent simplicity of the work. A language which can be understood by everyone. That said, I confess, sometimes while I am contemplating a piece of work I am telling to myself :”Well… I could have made it” or “This is not art! They must be kidding, what is this pickle doing in the middle of nowhere”.

Pickle in the middle of nowhere…

That may sound paradoxical but I like this pickle in the middle of nowhere. It is so important for me not to take things for granted, always try to see things in a different perspective, explore new ways. I have always liked very much designer arts because they can use all type of support. Modern art breaks the rules and push more and more the limit of our own mind. What is art after all but the expression of our self, the expression of our emotions in permanent evolution, a language which helps us to interact with others and share our own perception of Life.

I came to this Preview thanks to an artist called Poka-Yio coming directly from Athens – Greece. He very generously guided us in the Palais de Tokyo and introduced us to different works of the artists exhibiting.

(left) The Mirrored Manager, 2010 – (center) The Hot-Tempered Manager, 2009 – (right) The Masked Manager, 2009 by Poka-Yio

The Hunt (1992) by Christian Jankowski

Untitled (not dated) by Yoko Ono

John Giorno

Imagine the Imaginary exhibition refreshed my mind with new concepts, new techniques, new images… I felt like in a laboratory full of experimental works still in process to be developped. There is no bad and good work, there is only a never ending research to push the limits of our own mind. This energy is pretty mesmerising. I am becoming more and more conscious, everyday, of how everything change. Nothing is permanent but the change itself.

Richard Baquié (sans titre), 1985

John Giorno

Fire-Painting by Bernard Aubertin
Yes, he did it, in front of an audience of professionals of art, eating petit-four and drinking Champagne

I would like to conclude this post by talking about the place itself, the Palais de Tokyo, Museum of Modern Art of Paris. It is an architectural wonder, the spaces and the structure of the building is really amazing. Thanks to the work of the architects Lacaton & Vassal the superficie were extented from 8000 m2 to 22000 m2. It became in 2012 the largest place in Europe dedicated to Contemporary creations.

Palais de Tokyo – view from outside

** a special thank you to Poka-Yio for his time and for his invitation to access the Preview.


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