On the road again – south of Pondicherry

On the road again, here is the itinerary i could explore lately. Departure from Pondicherry=>Chidambaram=>Tharangambadi =>Karaikal =>Thirunallar

Sunrise on the promenade of Pondicherry at 5:45 am waiting for the bus
Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in the town of Chidambaram Tamil Nadu
78 km south of Pondicherry
Chidambaram is one of the five holiest Shiva temples,
each representing one of the five natural elements
One theory, the word Chidambaram may be derived from chit, meaning “consciousness”, and ambaram, meaning “sky”; the sky of consciousness, which is the ultimate aim one should attain according to all the Vedas and scriptures.
Here we are in the crowded streets of the town Karaikal for the Mangani Karaical Festival in other words the festival of Mangos
The Mangani festival is celebrated the day of full moon in the months June-July. Mangos are distributed to the devotees near the temple. Here you can see the devotees giving offerings to the holy chariot
Everybody making a grab at mangos.
After a fun and busy day we went to the sea, lovely moment.
New indian generation ( 5 or 6 year old indian girl ) watching the Older traditional Indian generation enjoying the sea
Sea, Sun and Smiles
in the street of Thirunallar to visit a new temple

Thirunallar temple

Temple water tank



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