Sauna tradition

I have experienced something pretty unique in Seoul, it is Sauna at Dragon Hill, this place is the disneyland of saunas…

just for you you i played to photo reporter to show you in images this unique place of 7 floors.

Welcome to Dragon Hill Spa

I’m wearing the spa attire for members

Here you can spend an entire day. There is everything for the entire family, while mum is doing her nails, the kids can watch TV and dad sit in the massage chair, while the teenage one can eat at the restaurant, i have tested it all

Eric tried out a massage chair

I karaoked


Internet café with a movie theater next to it


outdoor swimming pool

and now here comes the saunaaaaaaa !

yes i know Koreans never leave their mobile phones even inside the sauna,
amazing, isn’t it?

hottest sauna 86°C, in other words, a human oven

can you see the penguins ?

welcome to the ice room, we are below zero

my favourite – medium temperature sauna 40°C

and now i’m going up to the women’s sauna, exclusively for women

Locks in the women changing room. And here starts a new adventure for me. You have to know that in Korea everybody is nude inside the sauna once you are in the women area. It took me a while to decide whether I would play the game or not. So basically these lockers are meant to leave everything you have before discovering the Sauna Korean version. Well I did it and here is my story. Obviously, pictures are not allowed anymore; now your imagination begins…

Well Sauna here in Korea is a very particular place. Until the 70’s, there was no hot water nor shower inside most Korean homes. They had to pump water outside and then boil it. Sauna was the only place where you could find hot water and consequently it became a collective place to take a daily bath.

Many baths with different temperatures ranging from 17°C to 42°C

an outdoor bath, a bit cold outside but you just feel perfect inside the hot water

collective showers

While observing all these naked women taking their baths, scrubing their bodies, brushing their teeth, washing their hair, everything became suddenly clear to me. This was not about nudity, it was about the traditional ritual of cleaning every part of the body. The naturality of these women, all generation: kids, old women, young women, short, tall, thin or fat were actually all looking the same … All kinds of insecurities society ingrains in our minds, especially for women, were not anymore relevant. I was in the palace of feminity where everybody was beautiful in her own way.


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