Did you say romantic ?

What draw my attention here is Seoul is the talent of Koreans to transform any situation or any place into something romantic.

There is also a real admiration and fascination for the French culture, the French Language and obviously Paris … You can find many bakeries inspired by our boulangerie, where you can find baguettes, croissants and all kind of French pastries, yummy.

But let’s get back to our main subject here LOVE

This week i went to visit a very famous island here called Nami Island. This place has been immortalized with the Korean tv drama Winter Sonata – all koreans know this movie – that were shot in that particular island, and gave the name to a place called Lover’s woods

Poster de la Série TV

Statue of the first kiss of the two lovers

well all kind of love, this statue is amazing i could stay hours looking at this beautiful work

This is very common here if you are lovers obviously to hold hands but something new to me, wearing the same t-shirt !

I must confess i’m not the most romantic, sometimes i could have found situations slightly simpleton but hey that’s part of the magic of travels, let’s play the game and enjoy the energy… love is in the air

Tower of Seoul also The romantic touristic place for lovers as it’s also called Love N Tower, at the top you have a breathtaking 365° view of the city of Seoul, let’s go up

8908,51km from home

 It’s becoming throughout the world more and more popular to use a locker that symbolizes for lovers a promise for endles love

endless love lockers

Love forever in Korean langage, love is with no doubt Universal

Love Poem

Lots of LOVE from Seoul South Korea


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