Photos Photos

But Where is Colombe ??

An-nyeong ha seyo (Hello in Korean) !

Well here I am

Seoul Capital of South Korea. This city is an amazing combination of contrats between modernity and tradition.

Here is a sample of what my eyes could explore…

Han River – Seoul night view

Cheonggyecheon (stream)

Lunch break for business men & women


Little anecdote, i needed some money it took me quite a while to find an ATM that accepts my foreign card and then second challenge understand the machine… quite hectic experience i must say …

please make a choice hahaha

Yesssss !

Let’s explore now the Traditional side of seoul

Gyeongbokgung (Palace)

Royal Guard changing Ceremony

decoration on the Palaces walls

Private quarter of the King and the queen

Peaceful royal Gardens


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