The Meditation from a novice perspective

It has been few years now that I practice meditation, well to be precised that I am trying to medidate sporadically.

I believe they are as many reasons to meditate as they are different kind of people. Same as far as the techniques are concerned, each one is more surprising than the others (relaxation meditation, dynamic meditation, vipassana meditation, nataraj meditation, laughing meditation, etc.) Magazines, more specifically women’s magazine, about psychology or health are full of articles on this topic.

Here I am in India, ideal place isn’t it, to improve my own meditation technique. I foolishly believed that everything would become clear and transparent on a sudden, and well that’s not exactly what happened.

Until now, meditation was a way to (re)focus my mind that could be a bit confused at times.

I did meditate a lot in times of major decisions making. Get in connexion with my inner being and identify what seemed to be the best path. That means not the path I wish to take, but the one that is closer to what I really am. Just like a dress, there is the one that you just love and there is the one that suits you perfectly…

Last year, I had this opportunity to do a 3 days yoga workshop in Gurgaon (India). During this workshop there were moments for meditation. Initially I was eager to get advices to improve miraculously my technique and to be able to concentrate, and to control my never ending thoughts. I were not successful in the control of thoughts and to stop them was just impossible.

However, the coach gave me a key. He explained to the group that the idea is not to control the thoughts, on the contrary, the idea is to welcome them, without being judgmental, to let them be just like a landscape unfolding throught the window of a train. To try not to stop them, not to freeze them, just to let them be free.

I had created my own personal technique that consisted in transforming my thoughts in something liquid like water. This liquid would evaporate little by little.

I meditated at times like this, conscienciously putting my mind and my body in pause, a state between the sleep and the active state. A connexion with my inner being, just be one with the All. Not be a body anymore, not be a mind anymore, just be one with the infinite.

The Buddhist Master Thich Nhat Hanh has illustrated beautifuly and simply in his book Cultivating the Mind of Love what is medidation about.

Here is an extract I will try to translate with lots of humility:

“In our consciousness of the depths, are buried all the seed that representes what we did, what we lived or we perceived. When a seed is watered, it manifets itself in our mind consciousness. The work of meditation consists in cultivating the garden of our depths consciousness . A good gardener need to trust its land, knowing that all the seeds of love and comprehension, the seeds of awakening and happiness are already there. »

Osho explained the same : « The meditation is our intrinsic nature. It is you, it is your being, it is nothing to do with our actions. You can’t have it or not have it. You can’t possess it, it is not a thing. It is you, it is your being. »

Cultivating the Mind of Loveby Thich Nhat Hanh


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