Why India ?

Indian Flag

I have been asked so many times : “Why india ?”

Well i’d like to take some time to answer this interesting question. To answer properly i need to come back few years earlier.

I was 12 years old when i first hear about India. I was at school and the teacher asked us to do some research on buddhist countries in the world. I choose India. I remember perfectly drawing  scrupulously the outline of the country on a white paper to illustrate my homework.

Many years later, I had an opportunity to travel to India in 2007. First I was worried  about this idea, influenced by the rumors about extreme poverty that can be traumatic for over sensitive people. Also at that time, I read this book called “Fou de l’Inde: Délires occidentaux et sentiments océaniques” by Régis Airault.

This book was written by a psychiatrist who used to work for the French Consulate in Mumbai. He explains the effect of India on some westerners who sometimes loose their identity and references after some time spent in India without any drug use. Some can even throw away their passport convince that life is only spirituality. The traveller once back in his/her original country tend to forget any traumatic experience and become obsessive with the idea to go back to India no matter what after some time of recovery.

After 2 years of pushing this trip, i finally decided to go to India in 2007. I felt i was ready and stable enough to live this new life experience.

We made the classical touristic itinerary in Rajasthan North of India :

Taj Mahal – Agra (2007)

Udaipur (2007)

Prayers and meditations in the street of Udaipur (2007)

Sleeper train from Jaipur – Udaipur (2007)

I experienced  one of the most unique and colourful firework of my life…hundreds of landscapes, spices, mutlicultural faces, saris, food, i was slowly but surely falling in love with Incredible India.

Children in the market of Jaipur (2007)

The itinerary drove us to Mumbai and Goa also :

Mumbai Juhu Beach (2007)

You don’t choose India, India takes you completely, and you just have to come back i became the addicted westerner …

Me in Sari (2009)

Students in the street of Mumbai (2009)

Sunset in Kumarakom Kerala (2011)

Tea Plantation on Munnar’s road Kerala (2011)

Kerala Landscape (2011)

Manifestation in New Delhi against Corruption (2011)

Here is a sample of what i could experience in India. I miss to talk about these wonderful people i met during each trip, for this i would need other posts to develop.  I have met amazing people, they taught me so many things, share about their culture, their ways of living life …. They will recognize themselves in this post. You are in my heart thank you for making me feel at home in your amazing country.

I have been through so different feelings. I felt heavenly good, totally desperate, anxious, in total peace, scared, bored, in extase (without any drug i must precise), in contemplation, but more importantly i felt deeply in love. India is one of these experiences in life that makes you feel really alive. No matter if you feel good or not, you actually feel totally inside your body, inside your mind, and each of your five senses is solicited.

I don’t know if this time is the last time, it doesn’t really matter. I’m back and i’m enjoying every moment of it. India I love you.

At least I hope now you understand better : why India…


8 thoughts on “Why India ?

  1. L’Inde, une vrai histoire d’amour… une rencontre, une magie, une écoute et un partage. Merci de faire partager ces magnifiques moments vécus avec autant de sensilbilité. Enjoy life, Elis’

    • Merci Elis’ de me lire, tu es toi aussi une globe-trotteuse et j’ai eu le bonheur de partager quelques destinations magiques avec toi Los Angeles et Ushuaïa notamment restent intactes dans ma mémoire 🙂

  2. Ton message me touche et j’espère que nous aurons l’occasion de vivre d’autres voyages ensemble;-). Moi aussi, je me surprends à sourir de penser à ces expériences partagées dans des conditions parfois extrêmes mais tellement authentiques. C’était Extra!

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