Pondichery – India

Namaste (with both hands together in the middle of your chest) or Hello !

First stop Pondichery (India) the closest big city is at 160 km and is called Chennai where my flight landed on April 2nd, 2012. I’m exactly in the south east of India.

I’m staying in a guesthouse called “Mother House”. The main attraction of the city is the Sri Aurobindo Ashram (place mainly for meditations or prayers).  Two people worked on the creation  of the Ashram and many other projects i will detailed maybe later : Sri Aurobindo and a woman called by everybody The Mother.

The guesthouse where i’m staying is related to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. The guesthouse follows every rules recommended by the Ashram. the particularity here is that it’s a small place only 12 rooms and each room is for a single person.

My room has a sea view. Each room has a name, mine is Gratitude. My next door neighbour is Humility and the following door is Sincerity. We have a library with wifi access and also a meditation room where there are collective meditation every morning at 7:30 am for anybody interested in joining.

I’m staying in a poor area right next to the sea, it feels safe here, people are very respectful as long as you respect them.


2 thoughts on “Pondichery – India

  1. We are so happy to hear of your safe arrival and of the safety of your first stay in India! How beautiful the area looks, Colombe! How is your jet lag? Are you able to quickly adapt to their time zone? The Ashram sounds very intriguing. We look forward to learning more about it! Love, Hugs & Prayers, The Arnold’s

    • Dearest Family Arnold’s,
      Everything is fine I did reach safely the little town of Pondichery. I was jetlagged the first day but now i’m fine. We only have 3 hours and half difference with France. It’s a mix feeling here i feel familiar (because it’s my 4th time in India) and a total foreigner (our western habits are so different) all at the same time… I’m learning step by step how things work here, The 2 key words are Patience and Tolerance 🙂 Today, i found a supermaket where i can buy basic food and basic things such as shampoo, etc.
      I’m happy and enjoy the process of this journey. The next step is certainely to explore more the Ashram and learn more about meditation. I will certainely keep you telling this extraordinary journey.
      Lots of love to you Lenay, Robert and lovely Princess Camille.

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