Hello World !

Everything has started with a question :

But What do you really want? ”

Initially such a simple and deep questions disturbed me. I could feel it, the key was there. I’m not the kind of person to get out of answering such relevant question. I thought about it, sincerely, for long, in order to find the answer…


Well I want time, i want a break, a new environment to see the world and its wonders, to experience the present moment, meet people…. find the true meaning. Take a time out from this robotic Parisian life that comes down to Metro/Work/Sleep. A reality that is absorbing my life everyday a little bit more.

My decision is made. I’ll take a sabatical leave !

I have created this Blog for us, for you my family and friends. I want us to stay connected despite jetlag and distance. I’d like to share experiences, questions, observations, anecdotes, and more.

This space is yours also, do share your comments, your critics and send me messages.

Life is beautiful, Life is short, let’s be together, let’s live passionately, with love, now !

Ted’s Conference – Louie Schwartzberg founder Blacklight films


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